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My 3 ideas

I have these designs that I’d like to print. I know the multi-coloured skull design is a bit ambitious but I think I can do it! I have an idea to make brand new baby sets. I’d like to put my bear paw design on a swaddle blanket and add a couple of other products…

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Hagwil Yaan Mood Board

A little behind on uploading for the Mood Board assignment. This past week was a heavy one. Creating is a healing space for me, so this assignment was a helpful space to process for Lisa and I. Hagwil yaan n’siipnsku. Walk gently my friends. Algandi Luk’odn. You are not alone.

215 Children

We acknowledge and mourn the 215 children that never made it home from the Kamloops residential school. We know that the fate of these children is not an isolated atrocity. Though many residential school survivors have been telling these stories for decades, we hope that this discovery will help to support the truth and bring…

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Mood Board

This was a fun project! Looking forward to making more!  For this one, I combined some of my photography with my paintings. Many layers of different opacity etc. I forced myself to stop and leave it, and just upload as is, even though I feel like I can easily spend many more hours playing around…

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Mood Board Take 1!

RodandEmMoodBoard Our mood board has become a guideline of the studio space we are building, we are looking forward to inviting printers and performers to come and make and eat there, including our classmates here! We are hoping to figure out how to add video footage to our mood board, so things like this piece…

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Nature Exposed Mood Board

I have picked out a brand name, style, and overall direction. Nature Exposed Art that dives into the natural and scientific world, revealing the beauty of science.   Mood Board   Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of screenprinting this week, but I have been extensively working on my brand logo and other designs. …

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Tee Bird Continued….

After agonising about the 2 colour fabric image, I decided to continue to work the way I always do. I created the lightning bolt to accompany the Thunder bird, because that is what I envisioned as phase 2 of this design progression. I also decided that exact registration was not necessary to this design. The…

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T-Birds etc…

O.k. We successfully coated and shot our new screens, starting with the step exposure. Successful step exposure print with notes added Exposing Thunderbird 1 screen. We decided to put both colours separations on one screen. Close up of 2 colour print. Because the printer would not make the transparency dark enough, I reworked the film…

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Week 5

So I finally got to do some prints from the last couple weeks of trying. I was doing awesome after setting up until the plastic clamp I was using to prop ny screen up decided to break off and fling my rope and everything. I was able to keep the shirt free of ink splatter…

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Week five

Had better luck with the Wayi Wah clock image when using digital means. Screened up some kids tees, one ended up a bit blurry not sure why?? Lisa and I collaborated on a design based on a story I shared with her of Blue berry picking with elders. We digitized it because we seem to…

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Week 5

I’ve completed a 2 color print! But before learning about the useful bullseye! I didn’t incorporate it in this print but I can 100% for sure guarantee  I will next time! It was tough every print I had to not flood, and check the print for alignment every time through the screen, because each print…

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Module 4

I’ve done the test design with some different emulsion I was trying to find out more info about! I found that the clearest results I got were from exposing 14 inches away and only 2-4 minutes of exposure! I’m not sure if this effected the times but at the time I was only costing 1…

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Week 3 reflection

I think I got 2 and 3 mixed and mashed so I ended up doing a hand drawn design and a collage sort of design in the same print! But I finished the actual stencil and printing last module! as for reclaiming, I’ve made a home reclaiming set up out of my bathroom, and I…

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Detail Reflection

I must not have gotten all the ink out of the screen. There is a shadow from the previous image. I didn’t use the markers i just put the paper over in thirds and did 12,11 and 10 minutes. I definitely will use the markers as intended if and when i do it again. It’s…

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Was a great week. Lots of printing happening. Sorry for the terrible pictures.

Week 4

So I couldn’t get my printer to recognize the inkjet sheets, it refused to print on it. So that sucks, I tried to print on my old little cannon ink jet too and it wouldn’t come out black, It was only printing in dark purple. I printed like 6 times over and it was still…

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No Half tones

Well, we exposed our screen for 11 minutes, then sat it down in the sun for about 15 seconds while preparing to wash it out. It would not wash out with the garden hose sprayer. took it to the car wash, some of the emulsion came out, but it was stripping away areas that were…

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Week four

  I played around with Inkscape outlining images of ancestors and language.  Learned a lot about how much there is to learn from this process.   We weren’t sure how to digitize Lisa’s sketch design so she decided to try to trace it out using the pen’s, but it didn’t burn through the exposure.  Not…

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Suprising Fine Detail

I worked on a design a while ago with the intention of screen printing so  all I had to do was tidy it up, size it properly, convert grays to a shading technique (I used 50% threshold for black versus white), and then print the film. I could not find anywhere to get the film…

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Two colour printing

It was an exciting challenge to make these two colour prints on two tshirts and five aprons. There was a few corrections I had to make when printing because certain parts were not lining up perfectly so i had to tape spots off to allow it to dry and reprint the missing parts so it…

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Week 3 reflection

My reclaiming went ok but my hand drawn exposure is still not quite there. I moved my light a bit higher as my measurements were off the first time. i lost some lines again. I will have to play with exposure time and maybe try a different approach. Also I was still able to pull…

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Week 3 reflection

So this week was a bust. My emulsion didn’t seem quite dry and for whatever reason I exposed it anyways. I also left it on for 1 minute too long due to technical difficulties. I was trying too hard to come up with a solid design and it took me 3 days to come up…

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I managed to Reclaim both screens, then coating seems to be getting easier. The first screen (156) I tried a grouse wing fan, and a sharpie design on the bottom of a moose, the grouse wing didn’t turn out but the moose design looked ok, but I made a critical error and it pretty obvious…

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Drawing and Printing

Was a lot of experimenting this week but we are getting a handle on things. Both of us were doing some tests with hand drawing using the looser tools–the china marker, the oil crayon and the india ink. India Ink + mylar = 🙅🏼‍♀️ (bottom right corner.) We got a decent burnout. With the old…

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Reclaiming Question

Question over here. We are still getting some ghosting and/or  some of the emulsion is not coming out via our outdoor hose / emulsion spray setup. Is this OK or do we need to make a mad dash to the carwash? In more positive news these funny silicone gloves we were given as a gift…

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I didn’t get enough c clamps so my station was wobbly. I will be sure to pick up more asap. My screen somewhat developed but the fine lines didn’t come through. Im not sure if it was my screen, the lines, or my developing. I did one sample on a t-shirt and one on a…

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Adventure, Week 2

Our screen printing gear is cohabitating with the Library. Coated screen has a bit of a thick band through it Burn baby burn! Samples on fabric and paper. Emulsion failure at wash out stage. We neglected to cure in the sun.      

First run reflection

Was a lot fun last couple nights. Reclaimed them. 1st attempt at coating, didn’t have enough emulsion on and it left a V down the middle, I did a couple more passes to try and fix it. Second one went much better. First attempt exposing I had lots go wrong, the light wasn’t centred on…

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Attempted the collage with pen rubylith oil pastel pencil crayon and china marker definitely need to learn better pressure for the screening process but felt like I made some progress.

My Collage and Printing

Hi all, I’m going to be following along as well in our screenprinting journey.  Both to learn as well as to gain first hand experience for the flow of the course. Coating a screen went pretty smooth. This is the fourth time I have done it. The coat was even.  After exposure however, the stencil…

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Screen Coating attempt number 1

Things got a little wild and crazy with the scoop coater and I went way too far to the edge.  Several bubbles formed, and it looks very uneven with jagged patchy coats throughout, but I’m hopeful that I can still work with it and make a collage. 🙂

First Screen last weekend

Lisa and I had lots of fun getting space set up and trying out some of the equipment.  Looking forward to more adventures this weekend 🙂   22B99590-8CF1-47B9-9694-948706087005


Had fun setting up a little space for printing. Happy that my counterweight is working! lol (It’s a candle holder and some crystals) My first prints with the red were pretty successful, but my second with the grey was a messy disaster because I forgot to turn on the vacuum! Also, the clamps weren’t tightened…

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Week 1 Adventure

With the beautiful weather we’ve had recently, we ended up unpacking our box on our deck. It was so lovely to be out there, we decided to set up out there with the dream of an open air studio. But, once we started printing, the variables of wind and direct sun were just two too…

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Week 1 Reflection

Week 1 was a good week over here for us, all set up and ready to go. Looking forward to printing more in the very near future and exploring with different designs, fabrics etc. Found out very quick that it can definitely get messy once the paint comes out with Our tools, so we will…

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This week was awesome i got all my gear in good condition got partly set up and began printing. The first few did not go smoothly with of course a learning curve for pressure and getting the vacuum set up for optimal suction. After this first printing attempt I am feeling very optimistic about moving…

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1st week reflection

1st week was a good experience. I had to watch the videos a few times but was successful. I found I didn’t have much paper but am getting more now. Finding a vacuum was challenging but i was able to find one over the weekend. And i found that the paint can definitely get everywhere…

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First Week Reflection!

Hi everyone, This week has been great so far! it definitely feels like its going by faster than expected, lots of good information & fun to do.The setup was super easy after watching the demonstration on ‘How To’, easy to follow along & straight to the point. We were able to assemble quite quickly. We…

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First week reflection

Hey, so I also have the problem where I can’t attach pictures but this week was awesome. Feeling very grateful to be a part of the course and to have been given all of this equipment! I think what I learned the most this week was just how important having the right stuff is. I…

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My first week reflection

Hey guys, I want to reflect on my first week of printing. For some reason I keep getting this message when I try to attach pictures “Sorry, you are not allowed to attach files to this post.” So I will at least write my reflection here. My first week flew by me due to my…

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Print Austin – All Together Now

Operating within the traditional lands of the K’omoks First Nation on Vancouver Island, Canada, Andymac and Wachiay Studio crew filmed a four-part demonstration on the screen printing process over the month of PrintAustin. This video serves as the final part to this demo. Watch part 1-3 to this demo:…​ This video also showcases the…

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The NEXT COHORT –  Training Opportunity Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs

  Training Opportunity Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you have a sketchbook full of designs waiting to come to life? Are you looking to increase the production of your artwork? Keep reading! Wachiay Friendship Centre is excited to announce the Spring session of our online training program, Screenprinting for…

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Welcome to the Discussion Board

Welcome to the new Screen the World Discussion Board. DISCUSSION BOARD This is the spot for members, past students, and instructors to continue chatting and discussing.  Share everything and anything you want – this space is your space.  


I’ve been plugging along on my ideas 🍃 I designed my business card to focus on the main things I offer. I am going design a second one for Resilient Creatives. Which will be the name of the podcast I’m developing / the brand where I bring other artist under. Patch/Tag ideas Print idea/fountain blend…

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nism̓a run of prints

This week we pulled another run of prints, “nism̓a” (land), run of 50. We pulled them on the 156 screen, which worked way better than the 110. We also removed the ship from the previous design, as I did not like the amount of detail that was allowed on this size print (11″x 14″ size…

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green tree


Sorry I haven’t been the best a weekly reflections. It’s been so nice to see everyone work coming to life. It’s been taking alot of effort to learn new programs for design and keep up with everything as my buisness has been a bit busier than I expected this time of year. I’ve been contemplating…

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Mood Board

Here is my mood board! My apologies for not being on last week.

Week 5/6? Two colour

hi! So I completed my two colour print. It was a process as per usual I worried about what my design would be. I decided to make it easy for my first time and did a circle one colour with a design on top. I had difficulties with the registration and wasn’t able to paste…

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Not sure but I think my sprayer was to strong unless something else happened.

blue and green sky and mountain

Weeks 2&3 reflections

I am a tad behind but still loving what’s going on, I have had technical device issues so I couldn’t attend zooms but had followed in the past zooms section. In week 2 I used a drawing my daughter drew for me she was curious how the entire process worked. I copied her drawing to…

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Week 3

Hey everyone. For week 3 we made our way through all the steps again. We reclaimed then recoated both screens. We exposed several stencils and found items. We did the test screen as well, which did not expose very well for us. We were able to make several shirts off one of the exposed stencils…

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Reflection Week 2 & 3

Things have been flowing along. I have been testing different ways of setting up the studio to see what will work ergonomically in order to do bigger print runs. Which has been taking more time than I anticipated but I have been enjoying the process. It felt great to get the light table set up,…

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Screen The World at Print Austin – Part 3

We’re printing the second colour of Rodney Sayers’ “Codfish Ate the Moon” using the specialized equipment featured in Screen the World — an online training program that teaches anyone, anywhere how to start screenprinting. Learn more about Screen the World at We’ve joined forces with Print Austin and our good friend, Rodney Sayers, to…

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Week 2 Reflection Post

“I think with fabric it’s so final so it’s more stressful.” Renee Lomen Did you meet the module’s learning objectives? Would you to learn more about something in more detail? Was something of particular interest to you? Yes I’ve met the module’s objectives. I think I’d like to learn more about other types of ink…

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Week 2-Reflection Post

Week 2 has gone relatively well, with a few bumps along the way. We coated our screen on Thursday morning, and stored it in our darkened closet. It was nice and shielded from the light, but definitely took a bit longer to dry then we had hoped! We will get a heater for our space…

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photo of rocks in the middle of lake

Week 2 Reflection Post: First Exposure

We attempted our first screen coating and exposure and again, instead of writing a post, here is our video documentation and reflection. Thanks for watching. Van and Sam

The Beginning

Setting My Course Compass My name is Rose Temple and by the end of this course, I strive to be able to:  Establish a screenprinting community for knowledge sharing, resources, and support Develop a screenprinting studio that can support textile and flat stock printing  Design and identify art that is suitable for screenprinting Select a…

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first kick at the can

This past weekend I attempted to make my first print. I set up my workspace with all my tools and materials at hand. My “studio” is my kitchen table in the small apartment that I share with my eleven year old son, which is a bit of a difficulty on its own. I didn’t quite…

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