Week four


I played around with Inkscape outlining images of ancestors and language.  Learned a lot about how much there is to learn from this process.


We weren’t sure how to digitize Lisa’s sketch design so she decided to try to trace it out using the pen’s, but it didn’t burn through the exposure.  Not sure if her image wasn’t dark enough?? exposure time was too short/long?? Or maybe using a different drawing tool for trasing the design???

Managed to get caught up on trying out the Rubilith.  Dig this medium.  Cool process reminds me of when I’m creating button blankets.

Learning lots at this end.


  1. Hi Arlene and Lisa,

    Woah you’ve been busy! It all looks so awesome.

    I particularly love the hyper stylized peace sign – what does it say around the top?
    Liv’s favourite is the bold rubylith.

    Inkscape does indeed have a lot to learn – I definitely recommend the tutorials shared in the week four modules. They are a series of very short videos focused on a particular tool or technique. If you have any specific questions, I am also happy to answer them.

    As for digitizing Lisa’s clock, you could take a photo and open it in Inscape, then use the ‘Trace Bitmap’ tool (found under the ‘Path’ dropdown menu).

    The screen you showed is underexposed, which could be due to the film not being opaque/dark enough, the exposure time being too long, or the light being too close.

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