Alumni Check-in :)

Hi printers,

How are you? We have just two weeks ago completed our fourth cohort of Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs. That is just over a year of programming, and over 40 students! It has been a fantastic learning and FUN experience for us.

Everyone here at Wachiay is very curious about how things are going. I’m sure some of your classmates are too. So please comment on this post with what’s new with you. How have you progressed since the course, have you continued screenprinting, art, or entrepreneurial projects?

We have been dreaming up ways to engage you all further as well – like maybe hosting a BBQ at Wachaiy Studio, or more. Open to ideas.

And as always, we’re always here to help support you.


Adrian & Wachiay Studio


  1. Hey there! Things have been going well! It took a while to get my studio set up, but now that I can complete the whole screen printing process at home, I’ve created a few prints. I’m getting close, but still a couple of weeks away from launching a little shop online. I’m excited to get this up and running, but also a little nervous about sharing my ideas with everyone. Maybe sharing here is a safe place to start.

    Here’s I print I made called “Sidney Seawall.”

    1. Beautiful! I love the video you put together for it as well. Very cool styles!

      I’m excited to see your online shop when it launches – please do come and post about it 🙂

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