Hey folks, I’m wondering if anyone has found a good company that does wholesale hemp hoodies? Chantal Solomon

Alumni Check-in :)

Hi printers, How are you? We have just two weeks ago completed our fourth cohort of Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs. That is just over a year of programming, and over 40 students! It has been a fantastic learning and FUN experience for us. Everyone here at Wachiay is very curious about how things are going. I’m…

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A Late Reflection Post

Morning Wish I could have seen yesterday presentations – medical stuff after eye surgery makes it hard to see for a bit and some days are better than others. However, I will be up for it tomorrow fingers crossed – I am also working on the camera situation (go me). I finally uploaded some of…

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Steve and Liz

Perpetually behind but that is allright. As long as I have it all sorted before the 10th – eye surgeries start. We reworked our business model a bit and I chose our three products to focus on. I will post that soon. We have the screen emulsified and are set to use the light on…

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Break Reflections

Over the break I took some time (and had lots of fun)  printing on textiles, and I trapped some squid 🦑 I also magically picked up a wholesale order for my tea towels so my next project is to use the fine mesh to print the tags that I designed so I can ship these…

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Guidelines for Placement on Textiles

Placement Location Placement Front 3” below collar Front (v-neck or tank) 1” below collar Left chest 3” below collar, centred to collar/shoulder seam Left chest (v-neck) Depends how deep the collar Left chest (tank) 1” below collar, centred with strap Back 3” below collar Back (hoody) 6” below collar Long sleeve Centre of sleeve; up…

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Todays Discussion

My apologies for taking time away from the discussion on what was meant to be a short question and turned into something longer. Where life leads an Artist and where they come from and how they travel this journey is very individual. The background George provided shows that. Thank you for the opportunity to get…

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I just want to apologize

I hope I did not appear disrespectful; nor a distraction during George Littlechild’s discussion.In the midst of it I got a call from my alarm company that my son’s medical emergency button had been activated (he is disabled and living on his own). They had dispatched an ambulance as they couldn’t get ahold of him.…

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How to Convert Hand-Drawn to Film by Digital Means

Digital design software does not have to be scary! This video will walk through the process of converting your hand-drawn designs into digital art that can be printed to film. We use open-source (free!) software here. The prorgams are called Inkscape and GIMP. Adrianhttps://agranchelli.wordpress.com/ agranchelli.wordpress.com/