SQUEEGEERAMA: August 20-22

IT’S BACK! Friday, Saturday and Sunday | August 20-21-22 Wachiay Studio on Vancouver Island Squeegeerama is an annual squeegee-fest held at Wachiay Studio. We invite guest artists, to share their ideas and techniques. The studio and staff assist participants to print their projects on a variety of materials (paper, stencil, film, ink, etc supplied), and people…

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Wachiay Studio Mural Call

Closing date: July 31, 2021 Location: Courtenay, BC Summary We are looking for artwork submissions from Indigenous artists that will become a mural painted in the heart of our studio. The artwork should represent the themes of community and empowerment. We believe art has an important role to play in building community, promoting dialogue, and…

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Inspiration Struck

No Pride in Genocide Another emotional week and with the upcoming colonial celebrations upon us, inspiration struck.  Lisa posted her video on Tiktok and had a little viral response.  We uploaded designs onto existing Etsy account and sold out in about 3 hours.  Thank goodness I had stock on hand that I had ordered from…

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Procreate Tutorials

Do you use Procreate for your design work? We have come across some great tutorials online teaching you how to use Procreate. For a limited time, Screenprinting.com is offering their course for free!!! Sign up here: https://www.screenprinting.com/collections/screen-printing-online-course/products/designing-in-procreate There is also this fantastic YouTube series on Procreate. When using Procreate, make sure you setup your resolution…

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How to get this effect?

Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any idea how to get this similar background effect like in this photo (the light/dark turquoise colors)? I was thinking of creating like a texture with a paint roller for like a stipple effect? Or..? Thanks!! Erik erikruhe

Paint Splatter Look

Question: If I wanted to make paint splatter look on a tee, how would I go about doing that without it being big globs of ink? I’m sure there’s other issues I’m not considering so any tips are appreciated. I saw a tee on a tv show and I loved the idea. It had white…

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Your Brand & Product Inspiration

We shared some very useful links and inspiration during class and I wanted to make the links more accessible and to continue the conversation here. Please use the comment section below to add some of your brand/product inspirations or to share your thoughts and perspectives. First of all if you want to learn more about…

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