Break Reflections

Over the break I took some time (and had lots of fun)  printing on textiles, and I trapped some squid 🦑 I also magically picked up a wholesale order for my tea towels so my next project is to use the fine mesh to print the tags that I designed so I can ship these out. I have been giving lots of thought towards my three products. As a custodian of the land, I work a lot in recycling textiles and marine debris; so I have a bit of a moral/ethical dilemma with putting more textiles or plastics out into the world. I am thinking of experimenting with upcycling furniture and screen printing on that; or perhaps upcycling some of the discarded t-shirts that usually go into my rug-making.


  1. Love these!

    I sign up for thrift store newsletters and sometimes try to hit them up when there’s a 50% off clothing day and buy a ton of blank t-shirts! Value Village will donate blank t-shirts for fundraisers.

    I also got some hotel bedsheets that were torn at the edges via. a friend who knows people in the industry, dyed them, and made them into screen printed banners.

  2. these are amazing – hitting the register on the two colour and a blend!

    I think the ‘redecoration’ of discarded or used materials is a really good idea – textiles especially – a thrift store or second hand shirt or pants or coat could be customized with a new image and enjoy a second life. If they can sell ripped jeans for $300…..

    Might be more of a challenge with the marine debris. Grind up and reshape and make souvenirs?

    Great work.

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