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Our mission is to empower anyone, anywhere, to START to screenprint.

We believe that screen printing is much more than a simple analog print process. It is a tool for social and economic development on both a micro and macro scale. Screen printing stimulates arts and cultural activity in a community. It also delivers economic benefits to individuals and a range of businesses that use it. Screen printing offers development opportunities in the areas of art, technology, fashion, tourism, and manufacturing, ultimately leading to greater economic development.

Most importantly, screen printing is FUN!


SCREEN THE WORLD is a low-cost, web-accessible, educational toolbox intended to spread and increase the knowledge and production capabilities of small-scale artisans, entrepreneurs, schools, and co-ops wishing to start screen printing. We provide equipment designs that can be constructed locally and used in the production of artwork, posters, textiles, craft goods, and other locally made items.

SCREEN THE WORLD introduces the basic concepts of the screen printing process and helps novice printers overcome many of the problems they may experience. We will also help those who want to scale up their production as they grow.

Screenprinting is an extremely versatile printing process that uses mesh, a stencil, and a squeegee to transfer ink onto a surface.  Screen printing is popular for posters, fine art prints, and textiles, and can be set up economically, unlike other processes. It is also a modern manufacturing process used to make printed electronics for cell phones, control systems, medical devices, auto parts, solar cells and batteries and much more. Screen the World will introduce you to the process, and help you acquire knowledge.


Screen the World enables rapid and concise skills development while learning the basic steps in screenprinting. Additionally, Screen the World provides instruction on how to economically build equipment for all aspects of a start-up screen printing operation.  The plans and courses are designed for both individuals or groups, with lesson plans for teachers


We will guide you every step of the way – no experience necessary! This course is taught through text, images, and multimedia tools enabling you to learn in whatever way works best for you. By the end of the course, you will be ready to screen print on flatstock (art prints, posters, stickers, signs), textiles (t-shirts, bags, cloth), and 3 dimensional objects and materials (wood, plastic, glass, metal)


The studio is where the magic happens! Screen the World offers detailed instructions on how to make your own inexpensive, yet effective, equipment.  This can be done using local tools and materials, saving shipping and construction costs. By the time you are finished, you will have a fully functional screen printing studio. The presses (vacuum table and t-shirt jig) knock down and store away when not in use, and set up on a regular table in less than 5 minutes.

Studio Equipment

  • Compression Exposing Unit – use an inexpensive worklamp or the sun
  • Rabbit Vacuum Table – runs off a house vacuum
  • TEE Rex – t-shirt jig – easy to use 1-colour garment printer
  • Backlit Washout Booth – from 1 piece of plywood
  • Screen storage and drying solution
  • Water filtration system


Join our forum to connect with the world-wide screen printing community; share ideas, ask for help, and offer support. For those who want to continue to build on their screen printing skills, we will link to studios and printers who can provide more advanced training.

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8. Reclaim a Screen

Use this space to discuss Step 8: Reclaim a Screen Ask any questions, report any problems, and share inspiration. Once a stencil has been used in production, the screen must be reclaimed and readied for its next use.  One of…

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7. Print

Use this space to discuss Step 7: Print Ask any questions, report any problems, and share inspiration. You are fully prepped and ready to start printing. Let’s do this. The trick to a successful print is repeatability; being able to…

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6. Make Ready

Use this space to discuss Step 6: Make Ready Ask any questions, report any problems, and share inspiration. MAKE READY is the name given to the point in the screen printing process where you are preparing to start your print…

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5. Ink & Stock

Use this space to discuss Step 5: Ink & Stock Ask any questions, report any problems, and share inspiration. INKS used in screen printing are more varied and complex than those used in other printing processes because of the wide…

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