2. The Screen: Frame & Mesh

Use this space to discuss Step 2: The Screen: Frame & Mesh

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The Screen is a key component of the process, and the part that gives screen printing its name. The screen consists of a strongly made wood or metal frame, and a fine woven mesh stretched tight and securely glued or attached to the four sides. The screen carries the Art (Step 1) and the Stencil (Step 3-4).


  1. Mesh on Eco Frames or roller frames, where it passes under the frame and locks in the stretching bar, should be protected from metal-on-metal contact – Clamps! Other screens! this is where many ripped screens start.

    You can prevent this by running some tape along the underside of the frame where it fits in the clamps, or putting down a pad ( a business card, or a thin piece of rubber, or some adhesive vinyl) on the hinge clamp. Tape or stick in place on the bottom clamp.

    You have to be careful with your screens and don’t make holes in them.

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