Alumni Check-in :)

Hi printers, How are you? We have just two weeks ago completed our fourth cohort of Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs. That is just over a year of programming, and over 40 students! It has been a fantastic learning and FUN experience for us. Everyone here at Wachiay is very curious about how things are going. I’m…

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How to Convert Hand-Drawn to Film by Digital Means

Digital design software does not have to be scary! This video will walk through the process of converting your hand-drawn designs into digital art that can be printed to film. We use open-source (free!) software here. The prorgams are called Inkscape and GIMP. Adrian

Incredible ‘halftone’ Art

We stumbled upon some beautiful halftone-style art on the internet that we just had to share. It is not quite halftone since it doesn’t follow a grid, but it does utilize the same effect to insinuate greys. What do you think? and how would you create this kind of art? This first image is art…

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Great Software for Dithering

I have just been introducing to photo editing software that has incredible control over dithering. It is open-source and free, called Photodemon- download here (unfortunately, it’s only for Windows). With this program, you can convert a photo to black and white dithering by navigating on the top bar to ‘Adjustments’ -> ‘Monochrome’ and select ‘Color…

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Procreate Tutorials

Do you use Procreate for your design work? We have come across some great tutorials online teaching you how to use Procreate. For a limited time, is offering their course for free!!! Sign up here: There is also this fantastic YouTube series on Procreate. When using Procreate, make sure you setup your resolution…

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Paint Splatter Look

Question: If I wanted to make paint splatter look on a tee, how would I go about doing that without it being big globs of ink? I’m sure there’s other issues I’m not considering so any tips are appreciated. I saw a tee on a tv show and I loved the idea. It had white…

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Nature Exposed Mood Board

I have picked out a brand name, style, and overall direction. Nature Exposed Art that dives into the natural and scientific world, revealing the beauty of science.   Mood Board   Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of screenprinting this week, but I have been extensively working on my brand logo and other designs. …

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