Incredible ‘halftone’ Art

We stumbled upon some beautiful halftone-style art on the internet that we just had to share. It is not quite halftone since it doesn’t follow a grid, but it does utilize the same effect to insinuate greys. What do you think? and how would you create this kind of art?

This first image is art of Jerry Garcia, and the second is utilizing a tool called VectorRaster8.
There is also this tutorial we found on Reddit here.

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  1. check with TIND the printers in Greece. they do this type of print a lot.

    There is a tool in Photoshop where instead of using grid dots (halftones) or dithered dots, you can superimpose circles or other patterns over a photo.

    I think the effect they have here they drew the original image from a photo and showed the shading while still using the swirling lines. Then superimposed either halftone or similar on that drawing, but made it very coarse. The effect when you are close is you only see the swirls, some areas light and some dark .

    When you move back or view from a distance, the variations in line or dot (however they are made) flow together and form the image of the face.

    I know that doesn’t make much sense, but….experiment!

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