My Hand Drawn Film Attempt

Washout went okay.  I used a hose, a lot of the spray, and a lot of elbow grease.  I thoroughly washed out the screen for a very long time, but I wasn’t able to remove all of the emulsion – there were a couple spots.  I washed it for so long that I am sure…

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My Collage and Printing

Hi all, I’m going to be following along as well in our screenprinting journey.  Both to learn as well as to gain first hand experience for the flow of the course. Coating a screen went pretty smooth. This is the fourth time I have done it. The coat was even.  After exposure however, the stencil…

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Trouble Uploading Photos?

UPDATE There was indeed a minor site error that may have been the root to the file upload problem. That is now resolved, so for your Week 2 reflection, this should be a non-issue. Thank you for your patience! Please note that the following issue below may still be a problem for you and I…

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Beautiful and Creative Multi-colour – With no registration!

I just saw this awesome post on Reddit’s screenprinting subreddit. Some beautiful multi-colour, with what looks like no registration.     AdrianAs a maker and educator, Adrian strives to inspire and empower others to make, collaborate, and be creative.