My Hand Drawn Film Attempt

Washout went okay.  I used a hose, a lot of the spray, and a lot of elbow grease.  I thoroughly washed out the screen for a very long time, but I wasn’t able to remove all of the emulsion – there were a couple spots.  I washed it for so long that I am sure that any of the emulsion remover didn’t remain or dryout on the screen, so maybe next time I will have better luck?

I eventually finished my hand drawn film seen below.  Also the static electricity on my exposing unit is very bad and it is extremely difficult to keep it clean of dust and hair. Is anyone else experiencing this? It ended up leaving some pinholes in my screen that I had to tape up.

The concept for my hand drawn film came from my partner – it’s a lone polar bear stranded on an iceberg in the form of crystals, signifying how valuable our fleeting ice is.  We have digitally rendered this idea before, but used copyrighted material, so in this instance, I did it by hand from scratch using copyright free photos for reference so that the art is completely mine.

Copyright free source photos from

I exposed my film (but I was definitely a bit too optimistic with my thin lines as it didn’t all expose.

But I printed it anyways:

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  1. Cool concept! I love the polar bear!!
    I do notice a static charge on the plexiglass and definitely am also having issues with dust.
    Maybe there’s a spray or wipes that would reduce the static?

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