Reclaiming Question

Question over here. We are still getting some ghosting and/or  some of the emulsion is not coming out via our outdoor hose / emulsion spray setup. Is this OK or do we need to make a mad dash to the carwash?

In more positive news these funny silicone gloves we were given as a gift are finally coming in “handy.” Seem to work great.


  1. I have that same problem with one of the screens. Looks like a green emulsion stain, but because the mesh looks clear to me I just eventually gave up with confidence! lol
    The other screen has a grey stain, but the mesh holes don’t look clogged on that one either.
    I used so much water that I lost pressure, and I guess I will find out soon enough if things are still ok.
    Wishing you luck as well!!
    Thinking positive!!
    It will be ok!!

  2. If you hold it up to backlight, is the mesh blocked?

    If not it’s OK – stains happen – is I the ink colour? If blocked by emulsion try some more emulsion remover and rub in and let sit – (not in the sun)

    do you have a pressure washer? that will get a blockage out.

    1. Thanks for getting back so quickly. On one you can see through, on the other less so, but kindof. Will give it another go after a good long soak. A pressure washer is now high on the list !

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