Art Print and the begining of My Two Colour Design

I exposed a screen with two different one colour art prints.  I tried the new exposure settings where the light is 16 inches away and on for 9 minutes. It appears to be underexposed or maybe the emulsion was not applied or dried properly.

All the fine detail in the screen did not show up especially in the zebra design.


I ended up printing the voronoi design and it turned out pretty well.  There was however some saw toothing on close inspection and the lettering did not print well.


My two colour design is slowly coming along.  I am using Inkscape to design it.  It is inspired by bees and will show case the bee dance – how bees communicate to one another.  This is just the hive so far, but I am using a two colour technique where registration can be very loose.

some inspiration


This is a screenshot of Inkscape



Hopefully I will get my two colour art all complete by the weekend so I can print over the May long weekend!


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