Week 5

So I finally got to do some prints from the last couple weeks of trying. I was doing awesome after setting up until the plastic clamp I was using to prop ny screen up decided to break off and fling my rope and everything. I was able to keep the shirt free of ink splatter but of course in the few minutes it too for me to fix and figure out the new screen clamp the ink started to dry up and I couldn’t get a clean print from it. So down everything came so it could be rinsed asap. I had a bottle of water nearby so I spritzed it a bunch to prevent further drying.


I’m pretty happy with the prints I pulled, they look nice after all!


On a side note the water based ink is awesome, I messed the one shirt up because of the dry ink, I was able to throw it in the wash really quickly and it came out clean.

I will be working on my 2 colour print now that I finally caught up a bit.



  1. Looks awesome – and you have discovered one of the unwritten rules of screenprinting….. if something doesn’t go wrong while you’re printing….just wait.

    Good tip on cleaning the waterbased ink on clothes – if you get it quick and before it is heat set, you can get it out. Depending on the colour of the shirt. We use a few wet rags and ink cleaner and blot it out if it’s a small leak in production.
    Never thought of running the shirt through the wash, but a good save!

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