Logo-No go. Register attempt/Business Logo.

  • Emulsion went on blotchy?, have not had that problem before…didn’t seem to affect burn or wash out.
  • Printed my logo to clear stencil, seemed to work this time.
  • Highlighted and filled areas in and around logo I wanted to be blue. A bit tricky and time consuming with fine tip sharpie…
  • Had problem with register marks, cut 2 from a stencil in package and “hand drew the other set to match(bad idea)
  • Printed my logo and it turned out ok.
  • Had a bit of a time lining up register marks as they were not clear and my screen came loose once while printing.
  • Re-adjusted several times and put out one or two half decent prints but no any real success on this attempt.
  • I think I should have tried something a little bit easier as there were many points to line up.

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