Where’s the bulls eye?

I almost forgot to add the bullseye!! Can someone please let me know where to find  the download?

Thank You!!



  1. Hi Selena! We were just talking about your paper flying up with the vacuum on problem at dinner, and we were wondering if you have some kind of airlock in the room you’re working in? If that would be the case, cracking a window might help? What a mystery! Looking forward to finding out how it gets solved.

    1. It was definitely very strange and kind of funny!! (I can picture the ghosts laughing at me as I tried to frantically prevent the paper from blowing upwards, while at the same time trying not to let my squeegee fall off the back) lol

      There are no fans in the room and the window was open.
      I do have an air filter in there that I set up near the exposure table to keep the dust down.
      It blows a bit of cool air while it cleans, but it blows upward toward the ceiling and was no where near the printing table.

      The top of my prints extended above and past the holes on the vacuum table but not by much, and other than that, I am completely mystified!!

    1. Thanks Adrian!!

      I will be researching more into Vector based vs Raster based!!
      What is the better of the two for details on paper?
      Do you prefer one over the other?

      1. Hi Selena,

        Both vector and raster has their advantages and ultimately it depends on the image you are designing. There is no simple answer unfortunately. Personally, I prefer vector as it scales without losing detail. If I am doing halftones, however, or starting from a photograph I tend to use raster based software.

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