Week five

Had better luck with the Wayi Wah clock image when using digital means. Screened up some kids tees, one ended up a bit blurry not sure why??

Lisa and I collaborated on a design based on a story I shared with her of Blue berry picking with elders. We digitized it because we seem to be having the best exposure results with digitized and printed images. We struggld with figuring out how to make it two colour, so we settled for one colour. We feel the result falls a little flat without a black outline of the image. So we are going to keep working at trying to figure out how to do the two colour. It will take some time more than week to figure out how to achieve this. We feel like we need more time with inkscape tutorials and wrapping our brains around registration using the inkscape software. But we are ready to take time for the learning and continue to play around.

One screened print came out missing some ink,so we used the painting method to fill those gaps in so that we can still share the tea towel with our elder. We also had some ink “oopsy’s” on the final products, but we were able to isolate the mistakes and rinse them out of the product before the ink settled. Yay for waterbase inks!

Lot of great learning continues. Wayi Wah :).

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  1. clock turned out great – the blur might have been from a few things – did the shirt move or you printed twice?

    Detail looks great on the blueberries, and your exposed screen looks solid.

    Along with touching up with the ink, keep in mind you can paint other colours, so even though you print a one colour design, you can quickly hand enhance some areas to add colour and make it pop. If it’s a lighter coloured material, the inks stand out more.

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