Inspiration Struck

No Pride in Genocide Another emotional week and with the upcoming colonial celebrations upon us, inspiration struck.  Lisa posted her video on Tiktok and had a little viral response.  We uploaded designs onto existing Etsy account and sold out in about 3 hours.  Thank goodness I had stock on hand that I had ordered from…

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Hagwil Yaan Mood Board

A little behind on uploading for the Mood Board assignment. This past week was a heavy one. Creating is a healing space for me, so this assignment was a helpful space to process for Lisa and I. Hagwil yaan n’siipnsku. Walk gently my friends. Algandi Luk’odn. You are not alone. Arlene & Lisa

Week five

Had better luck with the Wayi Wah clock image when using digital means. Screened up some kids tees, one ended up a bit blurry not sure why?? Lisa and I collaborated on a design based on a story I shared with her of Blue berry picking with elders. We digitized it because we seem to…

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Week four

  I played around with Inkscape outlining images of ancestors and language.  Learned a lot about how much there is to learn from this process.   We weren’t sure how to digitize Lisa’s sketch design so she decided to try to trace it out using the pen’s, but it didn’t burn through the exposure.  Not…

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Reclaimed Screen

Still working on our hand drawn film.  Managed to reclaim screens.   Arlene & Lisa

First Screen last weekend

Lisa and I had lots of fun getting space set up and trying out some of the equipment.  Looking forward to more adventures this weekend 🙂   22B99590-8CF1-47B9-9694-948706087005 Arlene & Lisa

video link from past classes

Hey all!  Happy sunshiny weekend 🙂 , I had to leave the last class early and would like to watch the recorded zoom class.  i looked in past class videos tab and it was empty.  Maybe I’m looking at the wrong spot??  Can anyone direct me to the video? and this week’s assignment?  N’toayxsn Arlene…

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