Inspiration Struck

No Pride in Genocide

Another emotional week and with the upcoming colonial celebrations upon us, inspiration struck.  Lisa posted her video on Tiktok and had a little viral response.  We uploaded designs onto existing Etsy account and sold out in about 3 hours.  Thank goodness I had stock on hand that I had ordered from Wachiay.  I had no big plans for the stock.  Maybe more Wayi Wah bags. But we were open and flexible.   Great lesson in feeling comfortable with having stock on hand for whenever inspiration might strike!  lol.   This design gave us space to unload some big energy that we have been processing.  All profits are being donated to Indian Residential School Survivors Society.  We have raised almost $900.  Yay!  At a difficult time it has been a powerful experience to connect with comunity in this way and process some big feels we’ve been having.  We are exhausted and have plans to take the weekend off.  Indeed.  We are rolling around some ideas of how to engage community who have purchased tshirts or bags.  Maybe ask them to post conversations that have been sparked from wearing or using the items and tag us??  We are still working on that.  Anywho, we thought we would share.  Hope your all keeping cool and finding ways to nurture yourselves.  In difficult times, experiences such as this, give me so much hope for our future.  Sm ama niił n’siipnsgu.  Stay safe my friends.


  1. That’s amazing Arlene and Lis! Powerful and I hear you, this is heavy time for our people, I really been thrown off by all this and just came back from the bush, feel refreshed and cleansed and ready to dive into printing again.

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