coating a screen with a squeegee

The grand master Michel Caza showed us this technique – he has used it for years, and has so many awards for fine detail printing they lost count….anyway, put your screen face down. I put tape on either end, and along the sides where the squeegee end runs – just to keep it all clean.

Pour a bead of emulsion – not too much not too little – and then with the screen held, pull the squeegee in one direction, and then back the other way – 2 pulls.

Remove the excess emulsion, and the tape. Dry bottom side down.

We used the tester from the kit, and the 50w LED exposure lamp at 18.5″ – Best exposure with the most detail is around the 5 or 6 minute mark.

As you can see by the test sample it reproduced surprising amounts of detail – this 110 mesh screen is not ideal for the 4 pt micro type, but think of how nice this would be on a 230 or 305 mesh screen…..

Don’t have a scoop coater? You can still make a beautiful even photo stencil coating!

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