week two reflection

Collage/exposure/printing well……this was a HUGE adventure/disaster and learning curve for me. I coated my screen, put them it a dark box and and did my first exposure. When I went to rinse, all the emulsion came off too, except for a couple of spots. I ended up reclaiming. SO on my second and third tries…

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My 3 ideas

I have these designs that I’d like to print. I know the multi-coloured skull design is a bit ambitious but I think I can do it! I have an idea to make brand new baby sets. I’d like to put my bear paw design on a swaddle blanket and add a couple of other products…

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Hagwil Yaan Mood Board

A little behind on uploading for the Mood Board assignment. This past week was a heavy one. Creating is a healing space for me, so this assignment was a helpful space to process for Lisa and I. Hagwil yaan n’siipnsku. Walk gently my friends. Algandi Luk’odn. You are not alone. Arlene & Lisa

Mood Board

This was a fun project! Looking forward to making more!  For this one, I combined some of my photography with my paintings. Many layers of different opacity etc. I forced myself to stop and leave it, and just upload as is, even though I feel like I can easily spend many more hours playing around…

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Nature Exposed Mood Board

I have picked out a brand name, style, and overall direction. Nature Exposed Art that dives into the natural and scientific world, revealing the beauty of science.   Mood Board   Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of screenprinting this week, but I have been extensively working on my brand logo and other designs. …

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Ghosts are Haunting Meeeeee!!

Such potential! These ghosts, i tell yah. Very frustrating. I haven’t had much success with my screen. My textile screen is still prepped tho so i will be working on a textile design and put this to the side for awhile. Sad face. I have been working on this design digitally as well. It is…

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2 color print

I tweaked an oil painting that I started long ago. Worked in Photoshop. My drawing needs improvement. I will definitely try a shorter exposure time for the next project.  I lost a lot of detail in the hummingbird feathers and bleeding hearts, but I loved the process! Having fun!!Learning lots! 🙂 Selena

Two colour printing

i tried again i will hopefully post a better version of the print Billy