2 color print

I tweaked an oil painting that I started long ago. Worked in Photoshop. My drawing needs improvement.

I will definitely try a shorter exposure time for the next project.  I lost a lot of detail in the hummingbird feathers and bleeding hearts, but I loved the process! Having fun!!Learning lots! 🙂


  1. Very nice Selena. Using a finer mesh count with thinner threads will help pick up those fine details better than dropping your exposure time on a coarser mesh count. Yellow mesh also helps prevent fine details from closing in. Please kindly note that you should conduct your exposure test each time you change mesh counts or change from white to yellow mesh. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

    1. I am very interested in trying the yellow mesh! Prevents fine details from closing in? Sounds great!!
      I will also definitely be doing more exposure tests in the near future!!
      Thank you Dave!!

      1. Please kindly note that yellow mesh takes up to twice as long to expose as white mesh of the same mesh count. This may be a deterrent. However, finer (higher) mesh counts take less time to expose than coarser (lower) mesh counts. So you may choose to test finer white mesh to see if you achieve what you are looking for first. And if not, then you may decide to try the yellow mesh.

  2. chellezor – I'm a K'omoks and Saik'uz First nations artist. I reside in my Traditional territory here in the Comox Valley.
    Rachelle says:

    I love your design! that’s a really nice 2 colour set up. I can’t wait to see it printed!!

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