Ghosts are Haunting Meeeeee!!

Such potential! These ghosts, i tell yah. Very frustrating. I haven’t had much success with my screen. My textile screen is still prepped tho so i will be working on a textile design and put this to the side for awhile. Sad face. I have been working on this design digitally as well. It is a work in progress.


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Firstly, beautiful ruby design! I especially like how you added a mix media approach with the design in the butterfly’s wing.

    As for the ghosts, it can be caused by many different things such as ink drying in on the screen or not washing out all of the stencil. I would recommend finding and using a pressure washer on the screen, that should clear out any screen issues.

  2. I really love the roses!

    I know you say the ghosts haunt you but I think they actually look pretty cool. It adds a lot of texture and dimention.

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