My 3 ideas

I have these designs that I’d like to print. I know the multi-coloured skull design is a bit ambitious but I think I can do it!

I have an idea to make brand new baby sets. I’d like to put my bear paw design on a swaddle blanket and add a couple of other products to match such as a baby shirt and hat or similar. I thought how cool would it be to get more indigenous art on baby things! This could easily be transferred to baby blankets as well.

I also thought, how cool would it be if I printed on quilting squares so they could be incorporated into a quilt. I just started getting into quilting myself so I think I might try this.

The 3 skull design I’d like to see on a few things, a tote bag to start, since it’s economical and easy to get a hold of. (I wish I ordered some with my order…oops!)

The moon design is one that I’d like to print on shirts. I know you said that circles are screen printing enemies but I figure with enough practive I can do it too!



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