How to get this effect?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has any idea how to get this similar background effect like in this photo (the light/dark turquoise colors)? I was thinking of creating like a texture with a paint roller for like a stipple effect? Or..?




  1. Thanks Andy for the reply. I will try some of those. I would have never thought about trying some charcoal on mylar. My current screens are 230 yellow mesh. Do you think that would be fine enough for some of these types of textures or would I need to go above 300?


  2. It looks like you could do a flood coat in the light colour, then build a textured (with stipple or stochastic dots) /solid overprint to mimic the brush stroke/random look. Print it right on top with the darker colour.

    You might be able to make a hand version by rubbing some charcoal or use a china marker or something on transparent mylar, over top of a stone or something to pick up irregular features.

    There are texture effects you can find for photoshop, or really anything abstract with some contrast, leave parts full 100%, and the rest all wispy and light spotting.

    It’s not the same, but the b/g on this we photographed a deer hide to capture the random patterning, then printed as a duotone (yellow and brown) Image by Joe David

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