Trouble Uploading Photos?


There was indeed a minor site error that may have been the root to the file upload problem. That is now resolved, so for your Week 2 reflection, this should be a non-issue.

Thank you for your patience!

Please note that the following issue below may still be a problem for you and I encourage you to check your camera settings especially if you are using a newer iPhone to take the pictures.

I have heard that a couple of you have been having difficulty uploading photos.

At the moment I know that this site does not support HEIC or HEIV file formats.

If you have  an iPhone, you can change the photo type that your camera takes by following this guide:

How To Convert iPhone Photos Back to JPG Format

I have been unable to find a guide for Samsung or Android unfortunately.  I would search the settings for ‘formats’ or check the setting of the camera apps you are using.  The preferred formats are the most compatible ones such as JPG or MP4.

There are many online services that can convert filetypes such as there which to HEIC to jpg

If you have any other issues with your file uploads, please reach out and comment below.

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