Week 1 Reflection

Week 1 was a good week over here for us, all set up and ready to go. Looking forward to printing more in the very near future and exploring with different designs, fabrics etc.

Found out very quick that it can definitely get messy once the paint comes out with Our tools, so we will be finding Our groove very soon I’m sure.

Our one print turned out amazing and then had a couple others that were a bit faded… which I now know that it could most likely be lack of pressure used or maybe not enough paint? Also had some prints that stuck to the top of the screen once pulled (didn’t know about the tape technique at that time though)

Lots of fun!

Ian and Tyler


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  1. Hi Ian and Tyler,

    Glad to hear you had a good week and are looking forward for what is next!

    It can definitely get messy!

    The print in the picture looks great. I can’t zoom in for a super close look but it looks like you also got the fine detail in the bullseye – nice work!

    Regarding the fading – yes it could definitely be either a lack of ink or a lack of pressure, definitely worth troubleshooting/experimenting while printing.

    Some paper does get stuck to the screen. The vacuum table ‘should’ be able to keep it down, which is better than tape, so you don’t ruin the paper. You can try increasing the suction on the paper from the table by either turning up the power from the vacuum and/or by placing scrap paper over the extra holes of the table to plug them (you can see that being done in the how-to-print on the vacuum table video).

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