Week 1 Adventure

With the beautiful weather we’ve had recently, we ended up unpacking our box on our deck. It was so lovely to be out there, we decided to set up out there with the dream of an open air studio. But, once we started printing, the variables of wind and direct sun were just two too many snafus to add to the challenges of getting used to printing in our own environment. An outdoor studio, or semi-outdoor, is probably going to be something for the future. We are now in the process of moving to our workspace upstairs which is requiring some rearranging.

Printing went OK with one decent pull, but, being pressed for time, we cut a little corner in not being entirely set up with a spray bottle of water handy. This was a tactical error when the sun hit the screen (and yeah, it was windy), the ink started drying in the screen too quickly, and prompted a race to the hose! It was an early reminder to prepare for every possible thing to go wrong. We’ll do better next week.

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  1. Hi Rod & Emily,

    Beautiful setup! The outdoors are really enticing – too bad it didn’t quite work out yet.

    Once ink is flowing, that’s when all the unexpected starts to happen

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