Had fun setting up a little space for printing. Happy that my counterweight is working! lol (It’s a candle holder and some crystals)

My first prints with the red were pretty successful, but my second with the grey was a messy disaster because I forgot to turn on the vacuum!

Also, the clamps weren’t tightened enough, so the frame slid as I pulled but I still had fun practicing and learning lessons! 🙂


  1. Hi Selena,

    Nice setup – it looks like you’re lucky enough to have a whole room devoted to screenprinting!

    I like your printed collage – the prints turned out great, lots of fine detail.

    1. Thank you for your comments! My art room has been devoted to many things, lots of different projects came out of this room, and I’m still over the moon with the fact I can now screen print in it! I am SO stoked!! Thank you all SO much for this opportunity!!

      I forgot to mention my darkroom drying area is right underneath the printing table!
      There’s an old tv stand under there for the screen to sit and dry on. It fits perfectly!!
      (I used 3 blue tarps around the table to block out the light.)


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