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If I wanted to make paint splatter look on a tee, how would I go about doing that without it being big globs of ink? I’m sure there’s other issues I’m not considering so any tips are appreciated. I saw a tee on a tv show and I loved the idea.

It had white ink splatter on one whole side then text on the other. It looked way better then bleach look.

There are many different ways a paint splatter can be made. It can be designed into the art, turned into a film, and printed like anything else. Below is a black/white splatter, but a more watercolour like splatter could be achieved through halftones or dithering.

There are other more organic options as well. One of the many options are to put some ink into a spray bottle along side some water, and just spray the shirt. There is much less control but maybe that is the splatter look you are going for?

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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  1. You could gain more control of spray bottle splatter by masking the desired no-ink locations with some type of frisket or card stock. Also, perhaps hand cut font shapes into a film to use either as the negative or the positive ink splatter blocker? Maybe. Then just do your thing with the spray bottle ink, or toothbrush/flick-splatter to the exposed fibres. Peel away/remove mask and repeat til you’re happy with it. ✨

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