A Late Reflection Post

Wish I could have seen yesterday presentations – medical stuff after eye surgery makes it hard to see for a bit and some days are better than others.
However, I will be up for it tomorrow fingers crossed – I am also working on the camera situation (go me).
I finally uploaded some of the screen pics and this is what we (Steve and I) discovered along the way –

I can not do this without him. One of my conditions wreaks havoc on my muscles and joints. I did try though and it was pretty comical pouring emulsion on these screens. Literally like some type of Three Stooges episode but I was the only Stooge. I could not for the life of me angle the spatula thing to remove the excess. But they got done, they have extra on them and it is not an even pour. The first ones Steve poured and they never fully dried. They were done quite well but we think too thick??
The photos – excuse the messy work area I have my other Art projects shoved under the table and a small space.

I poured these ones for the project and presentation and I have not burned the image on them. This eye situation has thrown things off and isn’t going to resolve for a couple of months. Steve and his job is just taking too much out of him for him to be able to assist.
We reshuffled things and I think we have come up with a feasible and good New Plan. If there is time I would like to present on Thursday. If no time I will post the presentation in here and still be there tomorrow to see what others have to present.

See you all tomorrow


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