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My apologies for taking time away from the discussion on what was meant to be a short question and turned into something longer.
Where life leads an Artist and where they come from and how they travel this journey is very individual. The background George provided shows that. Thank you for the opportunity to get a unique perspective on this journey as an Artist from an Artist. My MacBook died in the middle of asking my question and by the time I got to ask it again it became a bit of a speech instead. This is the question I meant to ask (and did but in a round about way)

Steve and our kids are indigenous. Obviously I always knew this and they were raised in as much of there culture as we knew how. I never knew I was Native too, till I began to invest time into Genealogy (a large interest of mine) My journey as an Artist is a long one and creating visual stories is as much a part of me as is my heritage. I can no more deny being an Artist and I can no longer not know I am an Indigenous person. However I do not feel I have a right to call myself an Indigenous Artist (yet). Until I find someone willing to help me get there and explore that path, how do I handle the questions? Our business, Steve and I are putting together, is an Indigenous business, and I am the Artist in this. How do we go forward as an Indigenous Business, with an Artist that is a Native, but not yet an Indigenous Artist?

Thank you for the advice during my long question on Zoom. I will take those words and continue writing our story with the knowledge this is going to be the next path we take. Discovering what this means and where we take this, is something I personally look forward to. I still cannot call myself an Indigenous Artist. I can call myself an Artist that is Indigenous. I hope this makes sense – I have now re written it about 3 times.

We are learning, and we are asking questions. With each bit of knowledge we are building something together as our kids transition into young adults and we transition into a different kind of freedom as a couple.


  1. Hi Liz,

    It is an extremely valuable and important conversation for us all to have! I think that George’s, Agi’s, as well as your comments and opinions are all valid and meaningful. It is an extremely challenging and personal journey that you are on.

    Ultimately, you are not alone and do reach out to Agi and others for further discussion 🙂

    1. Thanks Adrian
      I feel less alone the further Steve and I go on this new direction. (screen printing).
      If we are to be an Indigenous business, we ultimatley need to feel comfortable and be knowledgeable in our Native culture and in the business itself.
      I can’t speak for Steve beyond that, but for myself, being able to converse with and ask questions of other Indigenous Artists and business owners, is a valuable resource I did not expect. Courses in my past did not go beyond learning the trade.
      There is more than one side to this program, and I am excited to explore all that Steve and I can take in. We will be able to give back at the end of this.

  2. Hi!

    It’s a really big and complex question when we ask who and where we come from. It’s brave to look into the history of globalization and capitalism and how it has created a diaspora of people, and come out acknowledging who you are.

    If you have questions that I may be able to answer? I teach at north island college jewelry courses for their students who come from different backgrounds- including mixed indigenous individuals.

    I also have an extensive background in the Indigenous art world, and am currently writing with some other academic / artists about the identity of native / indigenous in Canada and the history of how it got to a place where people want to be apart of it.

    It’s massively complex, and there is space for you ❤️

    1. Agness, thank you.
      One day I would like to have a conversation with you. I do have questions and I think just need a safe space to ask them.
      Telling me there is space for me are words my soul needed to see at the moment.
      Again Thank you.
      I am off to check out your space at NIC.

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