Ian and Tyler- Bear(ly) and Test screen

Test Screen

  • Emulsion coating went well on both screen, found that “Stay Calm Emulsion On ” is the secret to smooth emulsion sliding!
  • Are we supposed to have two screen types? we have two 156. I though we had a finer one for this type of print?
  • Burnt well and seemed to print just as good, maybe not as fine as we can get with finer screen?


  • Downloaded GIMP and lets just say the title rang true with this computer challenged posse.
  • Managed to under expose a picture of a Grizzly perched on a rock…no idea how we did it…
  • Gimp struck again, for the life of us…could not get printer to print rich black, so had to fill in the entire print with sharpie.
  • Burn went well
  • Print turned out pretty good as I was happy with the fine portion around his eye, was really hoping it would work out along with initials.


  1. Hi Ian and Tyler,

    Love it – ‘Stay Calm, Emulsion On’.

    You should have a 110 and a 156 screen, not two 156’s. But that is okay if you do.

    Your bear looks incredible, even though you had some hurdles in GIMP. One issue I can identify from your printed film is the horizontal streaks. Usually that happens when the dpi while printing is not set to high enough. That is one possibility to ensure rich black is achieved. The other is to set the CMYK like the video attached.

    The print, after your ink by hand addition, looks incredible!

    With your test film exposure and print, you achieved some very fine detail! The only issue I can identify, is the half-tone area. The 50% area looks more white than 50% grey. That would likely mean that the screen is over-exposed and the black area is filling in. I would try one minute less during your next exposure.

    Nice work, I’m really enjoying watching your progress.

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