Two colour printing

It was an exciting challenge to make these two colour prints on two tshirts and five aprons. There was a few corrections I had to make when printing because certain parts were not lining up perfectly so i had to tape spots off to allow it to dry and reprint the missing parts so it would line up properly. The blue seems to give me the most difficulty when printing.


  1. Hi Billy,

    Amazing prints!
    It is so difficult to print two colours on fabric with the setup we provided and you did it! I am impressed.
    Also your designs are beautiful. I really like how you experimented with different colour combinations and which screen gets which colour.

    Side note: we will be going over a two colour on textile method in Module 9 that could help in your registration (it should be posted within a couple of weeks).

  2. I also forgot to mention that I reclaimed both the screens from my old design I shared on the zoom.

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