Week 3 reflection

I think I got 2 and 3 mixed and mashed so I ended up doing a hand drawn design and a collage sort of design in the same print! But I finished the actual stencil and printing last module!

as for reclaiming, I’ve made a home reclaiming set up out of my bathroom, and I ended up getting a small pressure washer to reclaim the screens at home! I used a tap to hose adapter for my shower head pipe, and ran the hose to my power washer. I seem to be  getting enough pressure to clean the screens from all the ghosting etc. I’ve attached some pictures of the set up for those interested


in regards to this module, I’ve learned definitely my favourite way to expose is with transparency  whether ink or printer ink. I saw in my exposure that some of the cedar boughs I used were over exposed by appearance but I think I just didn’t rinse those parts out thoroughly enough more rather


the design I chose to create is an monotype ink drawing of an old Nuuchahnulth canoe mask. This mask is iconic for Nuuchahnulth sculpture and was the first Nuuchahnulth mask I ever saw in person in a museum. I look to this mask for inspiration with my carving  and now screen printing’


I think I need more practice printing on fabric, and placing my design  I’ve been noticing I need more of a margin around the outside of my design for the ink to be in between prints and strokes!



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