Detail Reflection

I must not have gotten all the ink out of the screen. There is a shadow from the previous image. I didn’t use the markers i just put the paper over in thirds and did 12,11 and 10 minutes. I definitely will use the markers as intended if and when i do it again. It’s still missing detail as well but im sure that will resolve with adjusted time. Also i have been working on a design on photoshop but its been a slow progression.  I may try illustrator next as i may be more confident with it with previous experience also im sure i may have some previous files that can be easily converted.  Im excited to keep moving forward and working on my design. Yay 🙂

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  1. Looks like those old ghosts are haunting your new prints…..sorry, bad joke.

    If you haven’t been using a pressure washer, maybe take them to the carwash or a friend’s with a pressure washer and see if you can blast them more.

    We have some harsh cleaner here called a de-hazer will clean pesky ink stains, but that doesn’t help you too much.

    A little tip – at the end of a run, pull your last print, no flood, and then with some scrap under the screen, give it a spritz right away with your ink cleaner/soap to keep it moist while you clean your squeegee etc. and get ready to clean your screen. then when you go to washout spritz again, then scrub lightly with a soft sponge, then blast from both sides to remove any leftover ink.

    the longer ink sits on a screen, and if it starts to dry, the harder it is to get out.

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