I managed to Reclaim both screens, then coating seems to be getting easier. The first screen (156) I tried a grouse wing fan, and a sharpie design on the bottom of a moose, the grouse wing didn’t turn out but the moose design looked ok, but I made a critical error and it pretty obvious in the picture

On the second screen(110) I tried another found object burn with a mallard duck fan on the top, and another sharpie design with some fine detail and shadows on the bottom, The duck fan was looking so good when I started washing it out! I thought I was into something great! Then I must have hit it with to much water pressure cause it started peeling and eventually most of it washed out. I’ll be trying this one more time. The sharpie design with the Handgames shot is done with sharpie 2-3 times on top and then once on the back. I like it, we’ll see how it prints tonight after class.

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  1. Hi Curtis,

    Great designs and experimentation with found objects – looking forward to see how the feathers expose with different times. You can try a step exposure process (the process is in module 3 https://screentheworld.org/module-3-screenprinting-for-entrepreneurs/).

    Don’t worry about the ‘critical error’ in your first screen, that happens all the time! Sometimes even in our instructional videos …
    One thing to note, that was brought up in our Zoom session, is the overlap of the papers behind the ‘Dene Natsé ‘ lettering and the edge of the moose drawing. Although the two films are blank, it does have an affect on the light (which can be seen in the rectangle around the handgames exposure), and may cause a bad exposure.

    Looking forward to seeing your prints!

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