Week 3 reflection

So this week was a bust. My emulsion didn’t seem quite dry and for whatever reason I exposed it anyways. I also left it on for 1 minute too long due to technical difficulties.

I was trying too hard to come up with a solid design and it took me 3 days to come up with this, lol.

I will reclaim the screen tonight and try again. I tried to dry the screen in the basement and it is so cold down there. This time I let air flow in the box by not putting the rug on it but it just didn’t work out.


    1. Hi Rachelle,

      Thanks for sharing your social medias! They look great.

      Just so you know you can add social medias to your author bio at the end of each post automatically. Just click the ‘Add Social Links’ button at the bottom of one of your blog posts.

  1. Hi Rachelle – the screens do need to be really dry – both after reclaim, before coating, and then after coating and before exposure.

    Maybe look around and find a closet or cupboard upstairs, and put the screen in there – at this point, don’t worry about drying the screen horizontal – it can sit leaning against a back wall, just as long as no bright light/sunlight hits it and it doesn’t get bumped or brushed while still wet.

    Design looks great!!!

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