Module 2 and first time printing on shirts

This was really cool doing a collage and India ink drawing and then printing on a shirt. It was my first experience printing on fabric and it was really cool to see it work out.

I think also my exposure was pretty decent but my wash out could have been a little better because some of the cedar boughs still had emulsion in them and I didn’t check thoroughly!

I usually do really crisp lines and strictly more formline line type work so experimenting with collage and ink was a cool way to try something new. I tried cutting out the ruby stuff and I think I need a bit more practice. Where I placed it worked great though! Going to have to try a full design with ruby some time!

my assessment of how they turned out was different between paper where 1 pull is pretty good, but with shirts I found 2 pulls to do the trick, make sense because the material is much more porous, I think I’ll have to get some more practice on for sure with different fabrics. I’m already thinking of some denim ideas.

I think I like different things about printing on paper vs fabric, but I really enjoy doing both. This was a fun exercise and I’m excited to continue through the modules.

Ps. I tried a run of 2 color prints the other day, and I think they turned out ok. I’ve attached them here just because i did them around the same time. I think I’m going to have to do another stencil for them because some of the fine lines had some emulsion in them and it turned out that some lines were a little broken! But I learned that I needed to double up on my transparency and get more contact on the screen with the design transparency because the screen I was using was too big for the exposure unit set up!

all in all really liking this course!

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Awesome collage, I like how you incorporated the different mediums into one design. Creative and looks good.

    There is indeed some detail missing in some of the cedar boughs, but I only really noticed after I read your reflection – so it works in the design. Two solutions would be to do a more thorough washout (as you said) but maybe the screen was exposed for too long – you could try one minute less of exposure time.

    And did you do that two colour print – red and black – it is incredible! Is the film hand drawn or printed? One issue may be that the inks used are not opaque enough and that the light gets through during exposure. The same issue can occur when printing if you aren’t using ‘rich black’.

    (Note, module 4 & 5 has content on printing fine detail and two colour prints)

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