I didn’t get enough c clamps so my station was wobbly. I will be sure to pick up more asap. My screen somewhat developed but the fine lines didn’t come through. Im not sure if it was my screen, the lines, or my developing. I did one sample on a t-shirt and one on a…

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Adventure, Week 2

Our screen printing gear is cohabitating with the Library. Coated screen has a bit of a thick band through it Burn baby burn! Samples on fabric and paper. Emulsion failure at wash out stage. We neglected to cure in the sun.       Rod and Emily

Screen Storage…

Hmm. Not sure the dual purpose storage is going to work out. Rod and Emily

First run reflection

Was a lot fun last couple nights. Reclaimed them. 1st attempt at coating, didn’t have enough emulsion on and it left a V down the middle, I did a couple more passes to try and fix it. Second one went much better. First attempt exposing I had lots go wrong, the light wasn’t centred on…

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Collage And Printing Experience

Good morning, We spent a few days overall coating Our screens, making Our collage and printing out Our logo for Our T-shirt… which didn’t quite work out for us. Coating Our screens went great for Our collage but unfortunately didn’t transfer Our image for the second screen that we had prepared. Due to correcting a…

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Attempted the collage with pen rubylith oil pastel pencil crayon and china marker definitely need to learn better pressure for the screening process but felt like I made some progress. Billy

My Collage and Printing

Hi all, I’m going to be following along as well in our screenprinting journey.  Both to learn as well as to gain first hand experience for the flow of the course. Coating a screen went pretty smooth. This is the fourth time I have done it. The coat was even.  After exposure however, the stencil…

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