Collage And Printing Experience

Good morning,

We spent a few days overall coating Our screens, making Our collage and printing out Our logo for Our T-shirt… which didn’t quite work out for us.

Coating Our screens went great for Our collage but unfortunately didn’t transfer Our image for the second screen that we had prepared. Due to correcting a mistake I believe we put too much emulsion on one of Our screens, so no ink was able to go through.

It was difficult to print super fine details, we had used a fine tip pen for Our collage which also didn’t quite transfer onto Our paper. As well as the stems to the leafs too.

We haven’t made it to printing on Our shirts as we had already washed out Our collage screen so it wasn’t dry in time, and when we tested Our second screen we knew it wasn’t quite ready to officially be t-shirt ready.

Lots of learning experiences were made and it was great to get more of a feel and rhythm down.


Ian and Tyler

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  1. Hi Ian and Tyler,

    I love seeing so many photos! You did a great job of sharing your experience.

    Too bad your logo didn’t print well. Another reason why it didn’t expose well, other than too thick of emulsion applied, is if the film positive wasn’t printed with the right settings.

    More on this will be in Module 4, but briefly, when digital printing to make a film positive, it should be printed as ‘rich black’ (C>60, M>60, Y>60, K=100) and at a very high dpi (at least 300 dpi). The other thing is if you’re using the inkjet paper, you need to print on the sticky side.

    Also, great logo. I like the play on your name.

    A lot of your thinner lines did get lost in the exposure process, we may have to shorten the exposure time. What did properly expose, looks great. I like Ian’s signature and the pineapple in particular.

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