First run reflection

Was a lot fun last couple nights. Reclaimed them. 1st attempt at coating, didn’t have enough emulsion on and it left a V down the middle, I did a couple more passes to try and fix it. Second one went much better. First attempt exposing I had lots go wrong, the light wasn’t centred on the image, pictures show how bad it was. Then second round the design worked out better, exposure time was 11 minutes, light that got thru here and there but not bad… good times.

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  1. Hi Curtis,

    Again your print is beautiful! You exposed and printed some very fine detail, so very good work.

    One question I have for you is the print on the red fabric. I am not sure if it is just from the photo, but the overall circle appears to be more of an oval. I wonder if you could speak to that a bit.

    I am impressed that you jetted ahead, to reclaim a screen, and made two exposures in the week!

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