Screen Coating attempt number 1

Things got a little wild and crazy with the scoop coater and I went way too far to the edge.  Several bubbles formed, and it looks very uneven with jagged patchy coats throughout, but I’m hopeful that I can still work with it and make a collage. 🙂 Selena


Not sure but I think my sprayer was to strong unless something else happened. Rosetemple

Weeks 2&3 reflections

I am a tad behind but still loving what’s going on, I have had technical device issues so I couldn’t attend zooms but had followed in the past zooms section. In week 2 I used a drawing my daughter drew for me she was curious how the entire process worked. I copied her drawing to…

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Reflection Week 2 & 3

Things have been flowing along. I have been testing different ways of setting up the studio to see what will work ergonomically in order to do bigger print runs. Which has been taking more time than I anticipated but I have been enjoying the process. It felt great to get the light table set up,…

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Reflection Week 2 – Sandy

I used acrylic paint for the hand print, an oil based sharpie for the slogan and small ferns as my found object. Monday night I exposed my screen and the image was pretty clear and the lines crisp. Below are the steps I followed when exposing my screen: Light in the third notch from the…

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