Reflection Week 2 – Sandy

I used acrylic paint for the hand print, an oil based sharpie for the slogan and small ferns as my found object. Monday night I exposed my screen and the image was pretty clear and the lines crisp. Below are the steps I followed when exposing my screen:

  1. Light in the third notch from the top
  2. Cover the cushion with a black cloth
  3. Made sure the stand would not slip
  4. Inspected the light stand and found light was lopsided made adjustments using electrician tape, I also added a chunk of paper by the wooden lock to level it out
  5. Set timer for 12 minutes when done rinsed the screen immediately with room temperature water
  6. I put my exposed screen in my makeshift dryer under my table which is next to the wall heater and covered the table with a large blanket to protect it from the light so it could dry

When setting up the T-shirt jig I found that one of my copper pipes had excess solder in it which made the hole smaller so tonight I am going to file the solder off and hopefully tomorrow I will print my first T-shirt .

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Awesome, your design burned so well!

    Once a screen is exposed, you don’t actually have to protect it from the light. We protect screens that are coated with emulsion before they are exposed so they don’t harden, but after exposure, the emulsion is completely hardened (in the way we want which creates the stencil).

    I’m excited to see how it will print.

    Too bad about the solder, we will have to take a closer look in the future.

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