1. Excellent – my only suggestions:

    At the start, make sure when you put the ink on and pull the first flood, don’t let the ink puddle sit on the register mark or the image. I think that’s why the reggie mark blurred.

    When you are printing, keep the angle up, don’t flop the squeegee over so much – towards the end the angle was much better. We print with the sharp edge of the squeegee – if you flop the squeegee too much, it is printing with the side of the blade, and will blur the print.

    But the results were really good. More practice and it will become much easier, and no nervousness…..you will be too excited to see your first print!

  2. Hi Rose,

    Great video! In order to view though, I had to download it.

    Unfortunately, WordPress does not support the filetype you uploaded which is .MOV
    For videos to properly load, you should use the filetype .MP4 – there are many apps that can convert video filetypes. Let me know if you need a hand.

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