Weeks 2&3 reflections

I am a tad behind but still loving what’s going on, I have had technical device issues so I couldn’t attend zooms but had followed in the past zooms section.

In week 2 I used a drawing my daughter drew for me she was curious how the entire process worked. I copied her drawing to the stencil and exposed it.
I realized during exposure time that The way I put the emulsion I the screen was thicker in areas and therefore the screen didn’t come out as clean as anticipated. Still did a print of what it was. The entire reclaiming process was simple enough, I used my bathtub to do so and had no issues :). I have not yet printed on a fabric I hope to do so this week as I catch up :).
Working with the rubylilth was definitely neat ! I can honestly say I am not very artistic that’s my families part 🙂 I am learning the technical parts. I used a print and did it kind of as a reverse pattern. It came out well during exposure and I did a paper print

I need some serious practice in printing still I am struggling getting clear prints so I will be setting aside extra time this week to practice that.
Can’t wait to be part of the zoom classes again. Hope to see you all this week


  1. Hi Kari,

    Thanks for the update and we are so happy that you have got your technical issues sorted!

    Your prints look great and it’s hear warming that you’ve involved your family to make the art. The fern turned out really well. And I particularly like the second image – is that a hand holding two hearts? Was it on a different screen than you shared?

    Your prints appear to have a second image on them or blur. There are many reasons that could happen and you should think about when troubleshooting:
    – maybe the paper moves if you make more than one print stroke
    – maybe the bottom of the screen has some ink on it (which can be cleaned by printing on scrap paper a couple of times)
    – maybe the screen doesn’t have that perfect gap above the stock?

    to help us help you troubleshoot, I would recommend taking so more photos or a video of when you are printing.

    1. Awesome thanks for the advice I believe it’s ink on the underneath of screen and the hand is a heart with what’s supposed to be 2 teardrops on either side and it was the screen that I had trouble exposing but I love the drawing

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