Setting up.

Remembered to take photos almost to late this is in the 9 minute phase.
How high the lamp is.
I used a few hair bands to hold the lamp straight.
The wash out. I am not sure but my hose may have been to high.
The emulsion was more streaky
Looks nice at the beginning.
Not so good towards the end.

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  1. Hi Rose,

    Great step exposure! It is not an easy process and it looks great. I am also glad to see that your new lamp can get really fine detail.

    You got some interesting results. The text looks amazing in Step #1 but the halftones look best in Step #5. It is strange that the halftones aren’t better in the earlier steps.

    You can also see in the centre of your screen that the bulb shone extra bright there and overexposed the area. This is a bit surprising because the 600W at this height doesn’t give that bright area, but your 500W does. Maybe using the exposure time from Step 1 or 2 will eliminate that bright spot? Worth a shot.

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