Some updated photos of next print process

Hi! Quickly attaching the prints I did this past Sunday as I forgot to add them! (I have had a hectic week so a little behind, I’m just about to start the exposure of the time reference print before class starts)

I still haven’t done anything on shirts I need a day to go to thrift store to find some nice old relaxed tees for some attempts. I did some sample prints of my images. I need to practice my centering and I think cause I rushed them a bit you can really notice. So I need to ensure I’m doing proper printing and putting the time and love into it. I’ve also noticed a lot of stress on myself for coming up with designs for prints but thats a personal issue haha. But ill attach some below 🙂

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Great work! Your prints look so great – they hold such fine details.
    It is also great to see the printed results of the screen you shared. I remember we discussed that screen itself did not hold all the detail from the original drawing (in that it closed off some of the details), but the print looks to have filled in those imperfections. It looks great!

    The found objects you chose worked really well too. I’m not sure which plant it is (top right, or just below and to the left of the feather) but I like it!

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