Week 2 Reflection Post

“I think with fabric it’s so final so it’s more stressful.” Renee Lomen Did you meet the module’s learning objectives? Would you to learn more about something in more detail? Was something of particular interest to you? Yes I’ve met the module’s objectives. I think I’d like to learn more about other types of ink…

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Week 2-Reflection Post

Week 2 has gone relatively well, with a few bumps along the way. We coated our screen on Thursday morning, and stored it in our darkened closet. It was nice and shielded from the light, but definitely took a bit longer to dry then we had hoped! We will get a heater for our space…

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Week 2 Reflection Post: First Exposure

We attempted our first screen coating and exposure and again, instead of writing a post, here is our video documentation and reflection. Thanks for watching. Van and Sam samvan3k

First Exposure!? Or Maybe Not.

Ok well that didn’t go very well. Oy! I included my screen prior to start to show the errors or issues I had while adding the goop. I drew outlined and filled in the rabbit using the sharpie, the pencil, and the pastel. Then I outlined the flower (a beading pattern from my late grandma)…

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