Week 2-Reflection Post

Week 2 has gone relatively well, with a few bumps along the way. We coated our screen on Thursday morning, and stored it in our darkened closet. It was nice and shielded from the light, but definitely took a bit longer to dry then we had hoped! We will get a heater for our space going forward.

Once our designs were drawn and found-objects found, we were ready to take our dry screen and get going! With the light centred, black cloth over the foam, and the screen ready we turned it on and waited 13 minutes… We removed the film/drawings and the found object (Cedar bough). Right off the bat, we noticed a darker area in the centre of the screen. With a raging storm outside, we opted to take the screen into the shower instead of the hose/laundry sink for the washout.

After the 1-2 minute soak, we got to washing out. the edges came out clean and quickly, and was really exciting! But then came the centre. In reviewing other peers posts, looks like we had some similar issues. It seemed like the centre was over exposed and took a long time to washout, and some areas lost definition after all that scrubbing with a soft sponge.

Some areas at the edges of the screen were leaving behind some green/blue form the emulsion behind on our fingers/sponge..

Looking forward to talk about this on Monday’s class! Please see attached photos to see our process. P.S the screen is up on 2×4’s to dry, not directly on the shelf, P.P.S the cedar bough is under the glass

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